Sandstorm Tent
Sandstorm Tent

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    Building item

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  • The Zuagir, a tribe of shemite nomads who roam the sands from Zamora to Zamboula, created these tents as a rather novel way to ride out the sandstorms which sweep the deserts of Hyboria.
    Made of woven camel-hair, these tents are deployed quickly and with little fuss and are actually quite a comfortable place to ride out a sandstorm.
    Sandstorms in the Exiled Lands contain more than just wind-blown sand and flying fragments. There are darker terrors against which woven camelhair may not prove particularly effective.
    Once a tent is placed, hiding inside is as simple as using it.

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 80121 1
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Item Required Sandstorm Tent
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