Stygian Tripod Brazier
Stygian Tripod Brazier

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  • This small brazier, made of bronze worked into the shape of a serpent, is commonly found in Stygian temples of Set.
    Stygian ornamentation tends to reflect their cultural worship for the Set and his pantheon

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 80503 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Stygian Tripod Brazier you will need (Stone) x38(Bone) x15

Crafting recepie

To create Stygian Tripod Brazier, you will need (Stone) x50(Branch) x5(Bone) x20
The crafting will take 10 s, and you will gain 113 experience
You can do it in (Artisans Worktable)

In order to be able to craft Stygian Tripod Brazier you need to learn the Recepie/Schema -

Stygian Tripod Brazier is required to repair

Item Required Stygian Tripod Brazier
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Stygian Tripod Brazier is used as ingredient to craft

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