Dust Trap
Dust Trap

Can be crafted
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    Building item

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  • In the middle of the ceiling hung a cluster of gold buds; these had opened like the petals of a great carven rose, and from them billowed a gray mist that swiftly filled the chamber. Instantly the scene changed from one of hysteria to one of madness and horror. The trapped men began to stagger; they ran in drunken circles. Froth dripped from their lips, which twisted as in awful laughter. Raging, they fell upon one another with daggers and teeth, slashing, tearing, slaying in a holocaust of madness.
    Rogues in the House
    The pollen of the gray lotus is known to cause madness among men and the original version of this trap, developed by Nabonidus the Red Priest, takes full advantage of that.
    The gray lotus grows only in the Swamps of the Dead beyond Khitai, so in this version of the trap, the lotus pollen is replaced with Tomb dust which can be obtained in the Unnamed City.
    The trap is simple, a trigger in the floor which opens bags of the dust hidden in the ceiling.

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 80914 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Dust Trap you will need (Iron Bar) x15(Brimstone) x23

Crafting recepie

To create Dust Trap, you will need (Branch) x20(Iron Bar) x20(Brimstone) x30
The crafting will take 5 s, and you will gain 170 experience
You can do it in inventory/altar

Dust Trap is required to repair

Item Required Dust Trap
No usage yet

Dust Trap is used as ingredient to craft

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