Statue of Ymir
Statue of Ymir

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  • Who are you to swear by Ymir? she mocked. What know you of the gods of ice and snow, you who have come up from the south to adventure
    among an alien people? - Gods of the North

    While individual Nordheimer clans may worship different minor deities, Ymir is considered the chief of all gods. The god of Storm and War is said to send his daughter Atali to fetch the souls of dead and dying warriors to fill the halls of Valhalla

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 80757 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Statue of Ymir you will need (Wood) x45(Resin) x15

Crafting recepie

To create Statue of Ymir, you will need (Wood) x60(Ice Shard) x10(Resin) x20
The crafting will take 30 s, and you will gain 165 experience
You can do it in inventory/altar

Statue of Ymir is required to repair

Item Required Statue of Ymir
No usage yet

Statue of Ymir is used as ingredient to craft

No usage yet