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  • The Shalebacks are large reptiles that make their home along the edge of the river that flows through the Exiled Lands. They create nests of palm trees for their eggs and defend them furiously against the predators of the region.
    Shaleback eggs are considered a rare delicacy in the civilized lands. Anybody who has seen an enraged adult Shaleback up close can understand why they remain so

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 13011 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Shaleback Egg is required to repair

Item Required Shaleback Egg
Oyster Omelette Oyster Omelette 1
Century Egg Century Egg 1
Enhanced Gruel Enhanced Gruel 1
Spiced Egg Spiced Egg 1
Egg Surpise Egg Surpise 1
Cooked Eggs Cooked Eggs 1
Honeyed Eggs Honeyed Eggs 1

Shaleback Egg is used as ingredient to craft

Oyster Omelette Oyster Omelette
Century Egg Century Egg
Enhanced Gruel Enhanced Gruel
Spiced Egg Spiced Egg
Egg Surpise Egg Surpise
Cooked Eggs Cooked Eggs
Honeyed Eggs Honeyed Eggs