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  • Nay, my men are sick to stretch their legs ashore, and nigh to scurvy from chewing salt pork. - The Black Stranger

    Civilization pivots around salt, communities forming, like growths, around sources of the stuff. Salt is mined, and it is boiled from salt-laden water. It flavors food. Sometimes, it serves as a form of currency. Perhaps most importantly, salt is the best know food preserver, especially for meat

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 18263 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Salt you will need (Stone) x8

Salt is required to repair

Item Required Salt
Bush Jerky Bush Jerky 4
Cooked Oyster Cooked Oyster 2
Soup Soup 1
Trail Jerky Trail Jerky 4
Savory Jerky Savory Jerky 4
Meat Strips Meat Strips 4
Chili Desert Style Chili Desert Style 4
Egg Surpise Egg Surpise 1
Salted Berries Salted Berries 1

Salt is used as ingredient to craft

Bush Jerky Bush Jerky
Cooked Oyster Cooked Oyster
Soup Soup
Trail Jerky Trail Jerky
Savory Jerky Savory Jerky
Meat Strips Meat Strips
Chili Desert Style Chili Desert Style
Egg Surpise Egg Surpise
Salted Berries Salted Berries