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  • Are you sure he still sleeps? Tarascus demanded again, setting his teeth against the bite of the herb juices with which Orastes was bandaging the long, ragged gash in his shoulder and ribs. Ishtar, Mitra and Set! That burns like the molten pitch of hell! - The Hour of the Dragon

    These bandages use the medicinal value of aloe and honey to keep wounds clean and speed the healing process

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 18401 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Numbing Wraps you will need (Thick Leather) x8(Aloe Leaves) x15(Honey) x15

Crafting recepie

To create Numbing Wraps, you will need (Savory Fish) x5
The crafting will take 20 s, and you will gain 8 experience
You can do it in (Fluid Press)

Numbing Wraps is required to repair

Item Required Numbing Wraps
No usage yet

Numbing Wraps is used as ingredient to craft

No usage yet