Razmas Journal #1
Razmas Journal #1

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  • When my father died, I knew they would be coming for me. It was only a matter of time.
    What I didnt expect was be crucified and left to rot on the edge of a wasteland that I have
    never seen before.
    It makes sense to me that the cowardly fools that they sent to do the job would not have the courage to
    kill me. They are mongrels, the cast off bloodlines of slaves and commoners, and such as they do not
    dare to spill royal blood.
    Instead, I was bound hand, foot and mouth and smuggled out to god knows where.
    They left me for the vultures, but I was rescued by a man.
    Such a man! Clean-limbed and bronze-skinned, I have never seen his like in the citystates that dot the
    meadowlands of Shem. He came to me as I hung from the cross and his icy blue stare was a challenge.
    Did I dare to live?
    Now I crouch at the edge of this wasteland, once a daughter of princes, now a nameless exile in an
    unfamiliar land. In my hands, the shaft of the double-bladed axe that he gave me is a comforting weight.
    The answer is yes. I will live

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Spawning Command : SpawnItem 30006 1
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Razmas Journal #1 is required to repair

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