Razmas Journal #2
Razmas Journal #2

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  • I am not alone here. That was the first revelation that came to me as I crouched, shivering, on the banks of the river. There are others, ragged and broken men and women, who light bonfires on the shores of the river and huddle close together for warmth.
    Fools. The light draws unfriendly eyes and I would never put myself at such risk.
    My father always taught me that the best way to survive was not to make the mistakes that other people make. Life is not always about the choices we make, but about the foolish choices we avoid making.
    But father is dead and I am alone in the darkness.

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 30007 1
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Razmas Journal #2 is required to repair

Item Required Razmas Journal #2
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Razmas Journal #2 is used as ingredient to craft

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