Hunters Note - Shalebacks
Hunters Note - Shalebacks

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  • If a man had described the creatures of this place to me before I saw them with my own eyes, Id have laughed and called him a fool.
    The joke is on me.
    Ive heard tales of giant turtles before - in Khitai they call them Kappas and the Hyrkanians name them Dragon Turtles. But I prefer the Kushite term, Shaleback.
    They are dangerous creatures, well protected by their thick shells and able to tear holes in their enemies with their sharp claws. Their weakest point seems to be underneath their armored chests, where their soft bellies are unprotected.
    Luckily for us, they are passive in the presence of humans and tend to leave us alone unless we attack first.
    This area appears to be a breeding ground for the creatures and their nests are everywhere. Stealing their eggs is an easy way to gain a good, nutritious meal, but dont touch their hatchlings!

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Spawning Command : SpawnItem 30018 1
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