Hunters Note - Imps
Hunters Note - Imps

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  • Very few times in my life have I encountered such loathsome and foul creatures as these degenerate
    beings that I have taken to calling imps.
    Their leperous appearance inspires a deep revulsion because of their blasphemous similarities to my
    own form. How these creatures came to be and what they are doing here, is a mystery for me.
    The creatures emanate from a cave along the banks of the river, though I chose not to investigate it too
    closely, I suspect it is their lair.
    The vicious bastards will attack on sight, howling and slashing with their claw tipped fingers. They arent
    particularly strong, but I suspect they are overwhelming in numbers.
    One final warning, I encountered one of these creatures who seemed to be suffering from some kind of
    disease. When it approached me, it began to shake and expand, suddering violently until it exploded in a
    cloud of blood and ichor.
    The searing ichor eats into skin and cloth alike, so I recommend moving away whenever one of
    these creatures approaches

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Spawning Command : SpawnItem 30021 1
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