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  • Branches can be used to create rudimentary weapons and tools, which can then be used to shape wood for more beneficial purposes

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 10012 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Branch is required to repair

Item Required Branch
No usage yet

Branch is used as ingredient to craft

Improvised Torch Improvised Torch
Torch Torch
Hand Lantern Hand Lantern
Stone Pick Stone Pick
Iron Pick Iron Pick
Steel Pick Steel Pick
Stone Hatchet Stone Hatchet
Iron Hatchet Iron Hatchet
Steel Hatchet Steel Hatchet
Pickaxe Pickaxe
Iron Warhammer Iron Warhammer
Stone Maul Stone Maul
Stone Club Stone Club
Yoggite Cudgel Yoggite Cudgel
Truncheon Truncheon
Mitraen Ankh Mitraen Ankh
Hunting Bow Hunting Bow
Hyrkanian Bow Hyrkanian Bow
Exceptional Hunting Bow Exceptional Hunting Bow
Flawless Hunting Bow Flawless Hunting Bow
Crossbow Crossbow
Exceptional Crossbow Exceptional Crossbow
Flawless Crossbow Flawless Crossbow
Iron Pike Iron Pike
Steel Trident Steel Trident
Stone Sword Stone Sword
Iron Broadsword Iron Broadsword
Stygian Khopesh Stygian Khopesh
Ancient Khopesh Ancient Khopesh
Exceptional Iron Broadsword Exceptional Iron Broadsword
Flawless Iron Broadsword Flawless Iron Broadsword
Phoenix-engraved Sword Phoenix-engraved Sword
Serpent-stamped Khopesh Serpent-stamped Khopesh
Exceptional Stygian Khopesh Exceptional Stygian Khopesh
Cutlass Cutlass
Falcata Falcata
Exceptional Cutlass Exceptional Cutlass
Longsword Longsword
Dry Scraper Dry Scraper
Darfari Axe Darfari Axe
Exceptional Longsword Exceptional Longsword
Flawless Longsword Flawless Longsword
Darfari Cudgel Darfari Cudgel
Cimmerian Battle-axe Cimmerian Battle-axe
Darfari Sword Darfari Sword
Yog Cleaver Yog Cleaver
Setite Ritual Knife Setite Ritual Knife
Javelin Javelin
Throwing Axe Throwing Axe
Yoggite Bone Spear Yoggite Bone Spear
Stone Dagger Stone Dagger
Iron Poniard Iron Poniard
Steel Poniard Steel Poniard
Exceptional Iron Poniard Exceptional Iron Poniard
Flawless Iron Poniard Flawless Iron Poniard
Flinthead Bolts Flinthead Bolts
Ironhead Bolts Ironhead Bolts
Razor Bolts Razor Bolts
Fire Bolts Fire Bolts
Flinthead Arrows Flinthead Arrows
Ironhead Arrows Ironhead Arrows
Razor Arrows Razor Arrows
Fire Arrows Fire Arrows
Snake Arrows Snake Arrows
Fiber Bedroll Fiber Bedroll
Archery Target Archery Target
Spike Spike
Simple Palisade Simple Palisade
Wall Palisade Wall Palisade
Wooden Signpost Wooden Signpost
Wall Sign Wall Sign
Standing Torch Standing Torch
Stygian Brazier Stygian Brazier
Bracketed Torch Bracketed Torch
Awning Awning
Stygian Flag Stygian Flag
Small Banner Small Banner
Medium Banner Medium Banner
Large Banner Large Banner
Gong Gong
Horn Horn
Darfari Wind Chimes Darfari Wind Chimes
Iron Leg-hold Trap Iron Leg-hold Trap
Spike Trap Spike Trap
Wooden Leg-hold Trap Wooden Leg-hold Trap
Dust Trap Dust Trap
Campfire Campfire
Thatch Sloped Roof Thatch Sloped Roof
Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof
Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof