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  • The most basic materials that can be gathered by hand from plants. These fibers can be woven into rough clothing, but it will only provide simple protection against the elements.
    Anything woven from such crude material cannot be expected to stop a swinging blade.

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 12001 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Plant Fiber is required to repair

Item Required Plant Fiber
Truncheon Truncheon 8
Gruel Gruel 4
Twine Twine 3
Improvised Torch Improvised Torch 8
XX_Stygian Headdress XX_Stygian Headdress 13
XX_Stygian Vest XX_Stygian Vest 25
XX_Stygian Shendyt XX_Stygian Shendyt 20
XX_Stygian Sandals XX_Stygian Sandals 13
Coarse Tunic Coarse Tunic 13
Coarse Handwraps Coarse Handwraps 4
Coarse Leggings Coarse Leggings 9
Coarse Footwraps Coarse Footwraps 4
Setite Mask Setite Mask 13
Setite Choker Setite Choker 25
Setite Shendyt Setite Shendyt 20
Setite Sandals Setite Sandals 13
Mitraen Tunic Mitraen Tunic 13
Mitraen Breeches Mitraen Breeches 9
Mitraen Gloves Mitraen Gloves 4
Mitraen Shoes Mitraen Shoes 4
XX_Desert_Dogs_Helmet XX_Desert_Dogs_Helmet 25
XX_Desert_Dogs_Chestpiece XX_Desert_Dogs_Chestpiece 25
XX_Desert_Dogs_Gauntlets XX_Desert_Dogs_Gauntlets 25
XX_Desert_Dogs_Tasset XX_Desert_Dogs_Tasset 25
XX_Desert_Dogs_Boots XX_Desert_Dogs_Boots 25
Fiber Bedroll Fiber Bedroll 5
Archery Target Archery Target 38
Papyrus Scroll Papyrus Scroll 38
Carpet Carpet 38
Thatch Sloped Roof Thatch Sloped Roof 7
Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof 7
Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof 7

Plant Fiber is used as ingredient to craft

Gruel Gruel
Twine Twine
Improvised Torch Improvised Torch
Truncheon Truncheon
XX_Stygian Headdress XX_Stygian Headdress
XX_Stygian Vest XX_Stygian Vest
XX_Stygian Shendyt XX_Stygian Shendyt
XX_Stygian Sandals XX_Stygian Sandals
Coarse Tunic Coarse Tunic
Coarse Handwraps Coarse Handwraps
Coarse Leggings Coarse Leggings
Coarse Footwraps Coarse Footwraps
Setite Mask Setite Mask
Setite Choker Setite Choker
Setite Shendyt Setite Shendyt
Setite Sandals Setite Sandals
Mitraen Tunic Mitraen Tunic
Mitraen Gloves Mitraen Gloves
Mitraen Breeches Mitraen Breeches
Mitraen Shoes Mitraen Shoes
XX_Desert_Dogs_Helmet XX_Desert_Dogs_Helmet
XX_Desert_Dogs_Chestpiece XX_Desert_Dogs_Chestpiece
XX_Desert_Dogs_Gauntlets XX_Desert_Dogs_Gauntlets
XX_Desert_Dogs_Tasset XX_Desert_Dogs_Tasset
XX_Desert_Dogs_Boots XX_Desert_Dogs_Boots
Fiber Bedroll Fiber Bedroll
Archery Target Archery Target
Papyrus Scroll Papyrus Scroll
Carpet Carpet
Thatch Sloped Roof Thatch Sloped Roof
Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof
Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof