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  • Brimstone is one of the most sought after alchemical components due its application in a wide variety of concoctions.
    Searing fumes make collecting it a difficult task and the bleached bones of those who did not adequately prepare serve as a grisly warning to others.
    Combined with sticky tar, brimstone creates steelfire, which is a catalyst that hardens iron into steel.

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 14171 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Brimstone is required to repair

Item Required Brimstone
Steelfire Steelfire 1
Dragonpowder Dragonpowder 8
Yellow Dye Yellow Dye 4
Star Metal Bar Star Metal Bar 1
Firewater Firewater 8
Fire Bolts Fire Bolts 8
Fire Arrows Fire Arrows 8
Snake idol Snake idol 3
Set brazier Set brazier 12
Radium Gem Radium Gem 23
Statue of Guidance Statue of Guidance 23

Brimstone is used as ingredient to craft

Devils Bonemeal Devils Bonemeal
Steelfire Steelfire
Dragonpowder Dragonpowder
Yellow Dye Yellow Dye
Star Metal Bar Star Metal Bar
Firewater Firewater
Fire Bolts Fire Bolts
Fire Arrows Fire Arrows
Snake idol Snake idol
Set brazier Set brazier
Radium Gem Radium Gem
Exploding Trap Exploding Trap
Statue of Guidance Statue of Guidance