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  • Prized by alchemists and sailors alike, tar is a black oily substance derived from the dry heating of bark. It is a by-product of using bark in the tanning process.
    From the Vilayet to the Western Ocean, shipwrights know the value of tar as a water repellent. The legendary purple-sailed fleet of Turan owes the color to the unusual mix of tar and local chemicals used to soak the sailcloth.
    In the gladiatorial arenas of Argos, tar is used to seal cuts and abrasions and ward off minor infections

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 14172 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Tar you will need (Coal) x4

Tar is required to repair

Item Required Tar
Steelfire Steelfire 2
Dark Dye Colorant Dark Dye Colorant 3
Tan Dye Tan Dye 1
Grease Orb Grease Orb 4
Water Well Water Well 225
Explosive Jar Explosive Jar 4

Tar is used as ingredient to craft

Steelfire Steelfire
Dark Dye Colorant Dark Dye Colorant
Tan Dye Tan Dye
Grease Orb Grease Orb
Water Well Water Well
Explosive Jar Explosive Jar