Human Heart
Human Heart

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  • One of the most important facets of the worship of Set is ritual sacrifice. With consecrated blades, the worshippers of Set will cut the hearts from their enemies and offer them as sacrifice on the altar of their demonic god.
    For the snakes who gather at the dark altars of the serpent god, human hearts provide a rare delicacy

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 15001 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Human Heart is required to repair

Item Required Human Heart
XX_Set Favor XX_Set Favor 1
XX_Mitra Favor XX_Mitra Favor 1
Setite Shield Setite Shield 2
Serpent-stamped Khopesh Serpent-stamped Khopesh 38
Setite Mask Setite Mask 3
Setite Choker Setite Choker 3
Setite Shendyt Setite Shendyt 3
Setite Sandals Setite Sandals 3
Set Antidote Set Antidote 1

Human Heart is used as ingredient to craft

XX_Set Favor XX_Set Favor
XX_Mitra Favor XX_Mitra Favor
Setite Shield Setite Shield
Serpent-stamped Khopesh Serpent-stamped Khopesh
Setite Mask Setite Mask
Setite Choker Setite Choker
Setite Shendyt Setite Shendyt
Setite Sandals Setite Sandals
Set Antidote Set Antidote
Offering to Mitra Offering to Mitra
Offering to Set Offering to Set
Offering to Mitra Offering to Mitra