Lingering Essence
Lingering Essence

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  • Unlike the other religions of the age, worshippers of Mitra favor dignified and elegant rituals. They frown upon human sacrifice and prefer to perform purification rituals upon the dead.
    Ostensibly, this ritual involves positioning the Ankh of Mitra over the body of the deceased and saying a few quiet prayers. The ankh is then touched to the corpse, in order to cleanse it of any last impurities.
    Some of the more experienced priests have noticed that at the moment of contant, their ankh becomes slightly heavier, as if something is clinging to the instrument. Those priests are often given vows of silence, shortly thereafter

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 15003 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Lingering Essence is required to repair

Item Required Lingering Essence
Feast of Mitra Feast of Mitra 1
Phoenix-engraved Sword Phoenix-engraved Sword 15
Mitraen Tunic Mitraen Tunic 3
Mitraen Gloves Mitraen Gloves 3
Mitraen Breeches Mitraen Breeches 3
Mitraen Shoes Mitraen Shoes 3
Ambrosia Ambrosia 1
Statue of Refreshment Statue of Refreshment 4

Lingering Essence is used as ingredient to craft

Feast of Mitra Feast of Mitra
Phoenix-engraved Sword Phoenix-engraved Sword
Mitraen Tunic Mitraen Tunic
Mitraen Gloves Mitraen Gloves
Mitraen Breeches Mitraen Breeches
Mitraen Shoes Mitraen Shoes
Ambrosia Ambrosia
Statue of Refreshment Statue of Refreshment