Leavening Agent
Leavening Agent

Low Grade Ingredient
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  • Certain yeasts, harvested by any number of means, creates a softer, tastier bread than flatbreads. This yeast, harvested from certain plants, makes a most effective leavening agent

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 18001 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Leavening Agent is required to repair

Item Required Leavening Agent
Phykos Rum Phykos Rum 4
Absinthe Absinthe 4
Ale Ale 4
Highland Wine Highland Wine 4
Cactus Wine Cactus Wine 4
Firewater Firewater 4
Resin Wine Resin Wine 4
Honeyed Wine Honeyed Wine 4
Desert Wine Desert Wine 4
Shroom Beer Shroom Beer 4
Bread Bread 2

Leavening Agent is used as ingredient to craft

Phykos Rum Phykos Rum
Absinthe Absinthe
Ale Ale
Highland Wine Highland Wine
Cactus Wine Cactus Wine
Firewater Firewater
Mead Mead
Resin Wine Resin Wine
Honeyed Wine Honeyed Wine
Desert Wine Desert Wine
Shroom Beer Shroom Beer
Wine Wine
Bread Bread