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  • The muscles coiling under that gray corpse-like skin were stringy and hard as steel wires, exceeding the strength of a man. But Conans thews were iron too, and his mail saved him from the gnashing fangs and ripping claws long enough for him to drive home his dagger, again and again and again. - The Hour of the Dragon

    The incisors and large teeth of beasts are often used as adornments by man. Perhaps it is a defiant challenge to the savage world, a reminder that humankind has crawled out of the primordial depths, above the food chain, and their flesh is not for feasting

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 18050 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity

Fangs is required to repair

Item Required Fangs
No usage yet

Fangs is used as ingredient to craft

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