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  • He was quick to laugh, quick and terrible in his wrath. He was a valiant trencherman, and strong drink was a passion and a weakness with him. - Queen of the Black Coast

    A powerful drink, often said to taste like a mixture of dessert and a death gods tears, absinthe is often mixed with water and sugar. Poets, artists, and mad revelers of the most decadent disposition swear by this green drinks reputed powers to cause visions and reveling bedlam. The Mad King of Ophir, Moranthes II, is said drink the stuff with every meal. Absinthe heavily heats the tongue

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 18071 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Absinthe you will need (Glowing Goop) x12(Leavening Agent) x4(Purified Water) x1

Crafting recepie

To create Absinthe, you will need (Glowing Goop) x15(Leavening Agent) x5(Purified Water) x1
The crafting will take 30 s, and you will gain 309 experience
You can do it in (Fermentation Barrel)

Absinthe is required to repair

Item Required Absinthe
No usage yet

Absinthe is used as ingredient to craft

No usage yet