Square Stool
Square Stool

Can be crafted
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  • Sometimes after a day of killing and slaying, all an Exile wants to do is sit down and relax.
    Stools are often used as makeshift weapons in tavern brawls across Hyboria, usually hurled at an opponent in between curses

Useful information / Repair costs

Spawning Command : SpawnItem 80251 1
SpawnItem ID Quantity
To repair Square Stool you will need (Shaped Wood) x3

Crafting recepie

To create Square Stool, you will need (Shaped Wood) x4
The crafting will take 10 s, and you will gain 180 experience
You can do it in (Artisans Worktable)

In order to be able to craft Square Stool you need to learn the Recepie/Schema -

Square Stool is required to repair

Item Required Square Stool
No usage yet

Square Stool is used as ingredient to craft

No usage yet