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Containers » Storage type

How much can each container store items

Containers and their spacing

The Vault is currently the biggest container in the game it supports upto 300 items.

             This is the breakdown of other containers, as for this category we only expect such containers to be box types but you can store items also in several other locations.


Container Size - Capacity
The Vault 300
ChestLarge Chest 45
Wooden BoxWooden Box 15

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Last update: 2017-02-18 15:36

Consumables » Usage

How to use and refill Sealed Waterskin

There are multiple  ways to refill your Sealed WaterskinSealed Waterskin.

The basic concept of refilling requires you to stand as close as possible to reservoir, river or a well and press the button from the action bar that it is assigned to. The white bar under it will indicate how much water have you inside.

To use the item simply click the correspondent hotkey from the action bar, or click use in the inventory tab.

Structures that allows you to refill

Water WellWater Well
Large WellLarge Water Well

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Last update: 2017-02-18 15:31

Weapons » Swords

What is the strongest Sword in game

Brief breakdown of Swords

Highest Damage

For the latest patch currently the strongest damage wise sword is  Ancient KhopeshAncient Khopesh sitting at 76 - 96 damage.

Best armor peneration

Not only Ancient Khopesh provides the most damage but also is the best sword with armor peneration with the value 0.18



Cutlass is the heavies sword with the value of 2.31weight.

Most durable 

Tulwar of Armir KhurumTulwar of Amir Khurum is the most durable sword with the value of 410

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Last update: 2017-02-18 16:00