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Faced with an increasingly globalized world, we all want to feel integrated into the community, first in the family, then in the city, in the country, on the continent. Europe unites around external threats in this year 2022 especially.

Russia, the war unleashed with the invasion of Ukraine, the price of gas, the fear that still exists due to COVID, monkeypox, climate change, makes countries come together to find common solutions.

Something similar happens with those belonging to the city. First, you feel like a neighbor of the neighborhood, after the city. A document of belonging to the city makes you feel like a being belonging to the community, a being, on the other hand, universal.
citizen card
With what services does the citizen card connect us in Zaragoza?

The citizen card is used so that citizens can access specific public services, which in most cities are becoming more and more numerous. Many of them are monitored in many aspects by the Administrations, or private entities

In Zaragoza, services to which the citizen card gives access are the following:

The tramway
The bus
metropolitan buses
Taxi and accessible taxi
Municipal Sports Centers
summer pools
Senior Centers
Municipal Libraries
municipal museums
public car parks
Surface parking (blue zone)

What is the citizen card?

The citizen card is:

A multi-service smart card
Helps make municipal services profitable
Allows benefits to be applied to groups such as the disabled or large families
Promotes increased registration
Strengthens the feeling of belonging to the city or municipality
The Zaragoza citizen card is issued by the Zaragoza City Council, it is a card of a local Corporation and at the same time it is also a card for each citizen, personal and non-transferable, which includes the name and photograph of the user

Application and types of citizen card

Regarding the application, some requirements are specified:

FREE Citizen Card for MINORS under 8 years old

All children under 8 years of age registered in the Aragonese capital will be able to have free access, at no cost to families, to the bus and tram network. To travel with discounts, it will be necessary for minors to validate their own Citizen Card, which must be requested through the different channels available by their father, mother or legal guardians.

PREPAID Citizen Card

Apply online or by going to the different District Boards of the city.

POSTPAID Citizen Card

You can go to your Ibercaja Branch if you are a client of this entity or to any Caja Rural de Aragón Branch. The special conditions of postpaid cards will be informed by the entities.

BOW card

For sale in 430 points in the Zaragoza metropolitan area.
balance returns


In case of loss and recovery of the same.
For theft with proof of complaint.


At the Citizen Relations Office (ORC) in Plaza del Pilar
WITHOUT Appointment: Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

What do we do in Aratecnia regarding the citizen card?

At conanexiles-database we manage the most suitable portal and adjusted to your needs, we print and encode your personalized citizen cards and we carry out the services of attention and resolution of incidents both to the city council and to the citizen.

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