Companies that need computer maintenance 24 hours x 7

Companies that need computer maintenance 24 hours x 7

Companies that need computer maintenance 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year can hire Aratecnia’s standby guard service. It is a service that covers any problem you may have at any time with your computer equipment. Just by making a call, you can contact our service, and if you wish, our technicians will travel to your establishment to resolve the incident on-site.

Many companies believe that they do not need this type of maintenance service. They think that due to their volume of work, so much attention is unnecessary, and they believe that it supposes an extra expense and that they can go on pulling and managing independently. But the truth is that today’s digitization level means that we use many tools that require maintenance.
24hx7 service
What situations may require 24-hour maintenance?

There are companies where most workers are teleworking due to the COVID-19 problem. Their computer equipment must be updated at all times because, if not, they might have to go to the nearest computer company, which, perhaps at that time, has other priorities for attention. With a 24-hour service like conanexiles-database, you can be covered before this circumstance.

Another situation that could occur is an electrical blackout due to a storm or similar event, which makes all the equipment unusable for a working day and more extended. In that case, a computer maintenance service would offer you alternative solutions.
Companies that, due to their activity, need computer maintenance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Some companies do not need to work more than a day of 8 to 20 hours or even less to provide an effective service to their customers.

But other entities have to be available at any time. What happens to those companies?

law firms

Lawyers have short deadlines to complete their procedures. The lawyer sometimes does not understand holidays or school days. You may have to work on a Saturday afternoon to achieve a brief, appeal, lawsuit, etc.

Usually, this occurs when the lawyer owns the business. In this case, it is necessary that it can be operational at any time. And if you experience a setback, having a 24/7 computer maintenance service can make all the difference.

Consultancies and notaries

Consultancies need to have their computer systems working at any time because sometimes their clients give them documents they need for some procedure at the last moment, for example, for the income statement or VAT.

And the same thing happens to notaries, in which, for example, an inheritance or a sale may have to be formalized any day and time of the week.

Always operational hotels

A hotel must always be in operation and needs its computer equipment, POS terminals, etc., to be always up to date. If a dataphone, for example, does not work at the right time, it could mean that the client has to leave without paying.

Productive Work Centers

A server or specific computer components failure could paralyze the entire production.

Any work center that cannot stop production due to uncontrolled problems should ask themselves if they need this service.

These are just some types of companies that need 24-hour computer maintenance.

At conanexiles-database, we offer you a STANDBY guard service through qualified technicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a quick response time that adapts to your needs.

You will feel supported by an efficient service.

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