Cybersecurity in document management

Any company has information as one of its strengths, so it is necessary to adopt measures so that this data is adequately protected. This has always been the case when it was stored in paper documents, and now that cybersecurity is imposed because mechanical means are used.

Current document management

Document management is currently carried out through digitization, and information is transmitted electronically, especially with teleworking.


This implies the risk that sensitive data may be lost or fall into the hands of those who may misuse it.

And the consequence of all this is that a business can face severe sanctions or civil lawsuits by the administration or harmed users that cost a significant amount of money to the companies.

Therefore, the law must provide the answers that today’s technology demands.

Today, electronic document management systems allow perfectly organized and systematized files, in addition to being protected against errors that end up with their deletion or loss, through good management of permissions or access privileges.
The essential cybersecurity in all types of companies

Many people believe that cyber-attacks only occur against large companies or corporations, but the truth is that attacks of this type on SMEs are becoming more and more evident.

So, how to proceed to have the proper protection in my company?

Several points must be established to check the vulnerability of a business:

Carry out a pen-testing or security audit that can be:

White box.
black box
grey box

According to the greater or lesser degree of permissions that the auditor has to access the company’s systems and the knowledge of its infrastructure.

Once this is done:

Take the appropriate measures:

Security plans.
Protocols for the custody of files.
Train the workers who will use this technology, so they do not make mistakes that facilitate attacks through the network.
Monitor through the SOC (Security Operations Center).
Have response plans against cyber attacks and timely communication to the corresponding agencies.

The CISO is a cybersecurity professional.

The CISO is the Chief Information Security Officer or director of information security, that is, the person who best knows the company’s computer systems.

But, it usually happens that many businesses do not have this figure due to a lack of resources or knowledge; It is at that moment when you can think about outsourcing and that specialized companies in the new technology sector are the ones who deal with cybersecurity.

In this sense, it can be affirmed that a specialized professional supported by his work team achieves higher quality standards, preventing aggression in the form of cyberattacks from being lethal to the competitiveness of the business.

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