Data protection: An issue linked to cybersecurity

Data protection does not seem to be an issue closely related to information technology, but currently it is as a result of the fact that most of it is in digital format and, accordingly, is potentially subject to cyber attacks. Many companies have this information stored on their computers and this makes them vulnerable, so they must be under the umbrella of cybersecurity.
What is data protection

The confidential data of clients, both natural and legal persons, bank accounts, medical records, etc. They are deposited in software, computer systems to promote business activities.


This means that there is a duty to protect this sensitive information to avoid any loss or theft and that, when it falls into the hands of others, it has detrimental effects on the business, with the consequent withdrawal of public trust, the more than certain sanctions and, therefore, last, the possible cessation of the operation of the company.

For adequate data protection to occur, the EU enacted a regulation that is the General Data Protection Regulation that affects all member states and must be followed by citizens and companies.

This means that the collection of this type of information must be governed by privacy policies that are regulated in the regulations and that affect both the websites and the applications.

Hence, it is necessary to comply with the laws that, in some aspects, are complex, which means that having experts in risks and vulnerabilities who dedicate themselves to it, provides very convenient and appropriate security for the proper functioning of the company.

The key cybersecurity to protect data privacy

More and more data is being stored, which implies a greater effort to protect it according to the relevant legislation.

Cybersecurity plays a fundamental role so that unpleasant accidents that lead to disaster in the form of sanctions or lawsuits do not happen. Having the right software tools, firewall, security patches, updates and other measures that can be taken to prevent interference in the business computer system that leads to information theft.

A service can also be obtained through other methods:

Protection of data in the cloud: It is about safeguarding that sensitive data in a server environment on the network. It is an increasingly widespread practice in companies that create and manage their own data centers that are stored in the cloud.
Data protection when subscribing to certain services.

You can control who accesses the information, who protects from sites of dubious reputation or get antivirus to reinforce security.

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