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Second and third phrases will emphasize written expression, technical/ scientific translation, and literary readings. Students who’ve studied German elsewhere should seek the guidance of with the trainer before registering. This course is an introduction to the fluid dynamics of the ambiance and ocean, with an emphasis on dynamical concepts that specify the large-scale circulation of both fluids. Starting from the equations of motion, we will develop an understanding of geostrophic and hydrostatic stability, inertia-gravity waves, geostrophic adjustment, potential vorticity, quasi-geostrophic dynamics, Rossby waves, baroclinic instability, and Ekman layers. Ionization, thermal and dynamic balance of interstellar medium, molecular clouds, hydrodynamics, magnetic fields, H II regions, supernova remnants, star formation, international structure of interstellar medium. An introduction to elementary philosophical issues in regards to the nature of science.

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