Expert companies in systems administration and computer networks

Computer network and systems administration companies perform multiple support tasks. Organizations often outsource this service to expert companies.

What tasks do these companies do? What functions fall under the concept of system administration? And which ones in computer network administration?

Systems administration: checking that everything works on the computers

A computer system is one that allows information to be stored and processed; It is the set of interrelated parts of a computer: hardware and software. An example of a computer system can be the idea of ​​one or more computers and also the person or people who manage them, the programs available, the peripherals (printer, keyboard, speakers). In other words, it would be a complete computer, which includes the necessary hardware and software to make it functional.
computer network system

The tasks of a system administrator throughout his work day will include some or all of these:

Check if the internet works
Check if the softwares are up to date
Check that the computers have their normal speed and there are no virus attacks
check the functioning of the firewall
Have the servers at full capacity
Check the peripherals checking that there are no problems.

The system administrator is the first responsible if something happens. He must always be up to date with the latest developments and know the new IT tools to continuously respond to the questions that employees and their teams ask him.
Administration of business computer networks, the guarantee of the use of the network

Enterprise networks allow companies to build integrated computing and software facilities across all aspects of the organization according to the unique requirements of each division, device, and employee.

It may be that a person manages a home computer network (wifi, passwords, antivirus installed, updates) and perhaps this can control it without too many problems. Problems appear in greater quantity and difficulty in a company network. In this case, you have to guarantee the use of the network, security, have technical support for the client, configure the network devices and servers and, in general, solve any problem that may affect the network.
Expert companies in systems and networks in Spain

There are many websites that list the best computer companies in our country. One case is that of which cites the following:

Sofical: Segovian company with branches in Ávila and Madrid. They are distributors of office equipment and at the same time, they carry out computer consultancies
Mecatena: Specialized in hardware, servers, they also provide technical support on office automation products
Pastor Office Solutions: located in Palma de Mallorca and with more than 40 years in the market
Lankidego: Bizkaia is its location. Provides assistance to companies, institutions and individuals
Iberica SL. It is a wholesaler, which carries out its activity in the computer software sector
Alfa: company from Valencia: Provides remote service throughout Spain and computer maintenance
Artificial Intelligence Systems SA, INFORMÁTICA Notarial SL, Euronet or Icompplus are also mentioned.

As for powerful companies in business networks, the website names some such as Cisco, Aruba, Juniper, Huawei, HP, Dell or Nescout.

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