Google Analytics a fundamental tool for companies

New technologies prevail and are increasingly necessary for everyone and, of course, for companies. Google Analytics is a very functional tool, handy for companies to achieve their desired success.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that controls an online site’s metrics. Thanks to it, you can see the visits received by the website, the channels through which the traffic arrives, etc.

For a company that makes online sales, it is beneficial because it allows it to recognize the demographic profile of the clients, the contents that work and the campaigns that produce more income with which these sales are facilitated.

Google Analytics

What metrics are most important to the company

The most relevant Google Analytics metrics for businesses indicate the chances of conversion or increased sales. Within the multiple functions of this tool, we will find these metrics in a section called Audience, and they are:

  • Demographic data: It allows us to know in detail the public that visits the web both by gender and by age. Segmentation dramatically helps to understand the behaviour of those who visit the web.
  • Affinity categories: Here, you can see the tastes of the audience. Those categories in which you can create business ads are displayed. Segment the market to consider future niches that will be of interest in the future.
  • Geographical information: Divide the audience by their location and language so that the content can be adapted based on these factors, and ads can be created for those countries and languages ​​from which the visits to the web come.
  • Behaviour: New and returning visitors, including the conversion rate, are seen here.
    We can find through which browsers, operating systems and internet providers the visits arrive.
    You can also see the device through which the traffic arrives. (Phone, tablet, pc, etc.).

Analytical tools for companies

Knowing data is necessary to attract the public to the web. This is how relationships are established that later give competitive advantages over other businesses.

Using analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, allows messages sent to target audiences to be tailored and personalized according to business goals.

The understanding of the possible clients by the companies offering them what they need by identifying behaviours and improving decision making are fundamental factors in achieving the final success.

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