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For distributed transaction processing across multiple databases, knowledge consistency is a good larger challenge that’s tough for both NoSQL and relational databases. Relational databases “don’t enable referential integrity constraints to span databases”. Few systems preserve each ACID transactions and X/Open XA standards for distributed transaction processing. Interactive relational databases share conformational relay analysis methods as a standard function.

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Azure Cosmos DB is great for IoT, retail, marketing, internet, and cell applications. Apart from these, it’s also used for mission-critical functions working globally like Skype, Xbox, and Azure. Additionally, Azure Cosmos DB offers not just the Strong and Eventual consistency ranges but also a range of different ranges including Bounded Staleness, Session and Consistent Prefix. To read extra information on Consistency ranges, you’ll have the ability to verify this Microsoft documentation. In this text, we’ll look briefly at the Azure Cosmos DB service and how one can question JSON paperwork to retailer, retrieve and course of data utilizing the SQL Application Programming Interface . Openness ScyllaDB has an active and rising open source community.

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