Hosting: One of the secrets to the success of a website

Hosting quality service is one of the fundamental pillars for a site to have success pursued by company. If this is not achieved, the business’s image will be damaged, affecting its competitiveness and loss of profits.
What is hosting

Hosting or web hosting is the hosting space located on a server, connected to the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 12 months a year so that the web offers its content, images, videos, files, etc., at any time and place.

Therefore, it must be of quality since the brand image depends on this and, by extension, the possibility of obtaining more clients, leads and benefits for the company.

For everything exposed so far to be possible, a professional hosting is necessary that offers:

A good management interface.
Allow unlimited traffic.
Protection against DDoS attacks.
Detailed statistics.
Automate tasks.
Ability to restore files and databases.

Types of accommodation

There are different types of hosting that offer additional services; It is convenient to choose the most appropriate depending on the type of website:

Shared hosting: Several web pages share the services of the same server. This means that the different sites have in common the Internet connection, megabytes, CPU and more resources available on it.

This has the advantage of being very cheap, but, on the other hand, the quality is usually not very good, and we find ourselves with slowness, web availability and even unwanted advertising, which is not a suitable option for a professional website.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): It is also used by different users, but the difference is that each has its operating system, specific resources and a different IP address.

It is a good model for SMEs and freelancers, and among its advantages, we can say that there are no overloads, and the service does not suffer from low quality.

Exclusive hosting: The server configuration is designed for one user, and he has complete control over it without sharing hardware or IP.

It is ideal for large companies and online stores as it provides excellent security.

For web hosting to exist, it is necessary to have a domain (DNS); if you do not have one, many hosting companies offer free parts and the same hosting.

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