ICT increasingly important for companies

Today to be competitive, you must seek to differentiate yourself from others. For this, it is necessary to analyze the environment and find the most suitable solutions from the business point of view. This is where ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) play a crucial role.

What is ICT

Information technology services are activities that provide users and companies with responses to customer needs and accurate information in real-time.

If the above is achieved, organizations increase their quality, efficiency and productivity levels, which places them closer to their final purposes or objectives.


Information and Communication Technologies do not stop; They have been evolving since their inception, and the Internet represents an increase in geometric proportion with the modern software and programs that help individuals and companies.

Advantages of Information Technologies for companies

As we can see, when applying these modern technologies in the business world, the positive effects are:

Creation of new communication processes that are cheaper and have a much-needed virtue: accessibility. Through videoconferences, instant messaging or video calls, people worldwide can work together.
ICTs greatly help SMEs in various industries such as food, manufacturing, services or transport, providing many resources at a lower cost and with greater scope, which causes more significant development, in addition to accessing advertising through networks. And electronic commerce.

With Communication Technologies, new jobs have been created (computer engineers and programmers, web designers…) that use tools so that information has a greater reach.

For all that we have pointed out, companies use various software, telecommuting, freelance services, outsourcing, call centre, ecommerce, etc., for their objectives. TheCommerceles are a few provided by ICT for organizations to succeed.

With Information and Communication Technologies, the level of participation between the various groups of the company and the workers themselves increases. This promotes adequate communication and favours decision-making and correct performance in each function.

In this way, the functioning of organizations is updated, giving the appropriate answers more quickly in matters that affect the strategies and operations necessary to achieve their objectives.

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