Implement measures to mitigate computer risks

We are moving towards digitization. And at the same time that we take advantage of its advantages, we are exposed to the risks that it entails. The constant handling of mobile phones, instant communication on the Internet with people located in very distant places, carrying out commercial transactions between companies from different continents through digital media, virtual currencies, Big data or the IoT come from the hand of security risks in the systems and in the privacy of the information.

Companies have to analyze computer risks, which means investigating the different dangers that lurk at the computer level and that can cause threatening situations for businesses, such as intrusions or theft that compromise data or external attacks in the form of viruses, which cause periods of inactivity

How are the measures to mitigate computer risks executed?

The first objective is to identify all the company’s information assets and assess the risks to which they are exposed, which can be of 3 types: natural disasters, human errors or external attacks.

Regarding natural disasters, we have a very recent example in Spain: the fires that we have suffered this summer have caused a multitude of material and personal damage. Let’s think about the burning of our home with everything in it, also our computers. And let’s translate that to companies with large servers that control many computers. Overloads in the electrical network, floods, earthquakes, the possibilities of nature are immense if it decides to cause panic in the population.

Another even more devastating example is a pandemic like COVID 19, which forced us to stay at home, paralyzing the means of production. In these situations, there are cybercriminals who pose as reputable health organizations and carry out phishing campaigns

A risk analysis should contain detailed, detailed information on the risks that could affect the company’s IT systems

Human errors: Unintentionally, we can open a malicious email thinking that it is true. An employee with privileges superior to those of his position, can carry out actions that threaten the data or generate an abnormal operation of the equipment

Finally, external attacks originate because cybercriminals always target companies and their systems, which they can maliciously use to steal banking, commercial or personal data.

Glimpsing the risks with these situations, we must be prepared with the following basic preventive actions:

  • Cloud cybersecurity systems and disaster recovery plans
  • Installation of security software and firewall
  • Monitoring of the roles of the users of our systems
  • Possible contracting of insurance that bears the risks
  • Establishment of alternative systems to guarantee the security of the system

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