NFC, data exchange through peripherals. Advantages and disadvantages

NFC technology allows your smartphone and POS (point of sale) device to communicate when they are close. It will enable this communication without an Internet connection. For the relationship to be established, the two appliances must be compatible. At least one must transmit, and the other must receive the signal.

Advantages and disadvantages of NFC technology

NFC technology is practical and very convenient. After all, we never let our smartphones out of our sight. So why not use it when shopping in stores? Payments are also very fast with contactless credit cards that use NFC technology.

NFC peripheral data exchange – girls paying with NFC

NFC technology is straightforward to install and use.

Plus, it’s safer to pay with an NFC-enabled device. This is because, with this system, there is no physical credit card. There is no risk of your card details being confiscated or stolen. If your smartphone is stolen, it is protected by your PIN and password.

In terms of security, the concise range is also an advantage. This is because the longer the content, the more likely it is to be used by hackers. Suppose the NFC signal covers a vast area and the probability of data theft increases. At this point, paying attention to the device’s POS when paying with a cell phone makes sense.

NFC technology can be used in many ways. It is not only used as a payment system but also for entertainment. With your friends, you can send and receive things from each other, listen to and watch something together.

NFC technology has many advantages but also some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of NFC or data exchange

NFC technology doesn’t like long-distance relationships. The connection cannot be established if the device you want to connect with is more than 4 cm away. You can use Bluetooth technology if you want to transfer data at a certain distance. Apart from that, the devices should be as close as possible, especially when making payments.

NFC technology performs transactions at a relatively slow speed. Therefore, it is useless for transferring large files, such as videos.

Although NFC technology is secure, hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in mobile devices. For this reason, NFC cannot be said to be 100% secure.

How to use NFC?

Before using NFC technology, you must check if your smartphone supports NFC. For this, you can check the functions of your phone. If your phone is compatible, you can use it immediately after setup. The newest smartphones are manufactured according to the NFC system. If you have an old phone, it is helpful to check its compatibility.
How to use NFC on Android devices?

To start reading the NFC tag, you must first enable the NFC option in the Settings menu of your Android phone. After this, you can begin your purchase. To do this, you need to touch the back of your smartphone to any NFC-enabled POS device, or if you want to exchange files with another phone, connect the other phone.

What can NFC be used for?

You can pay

NFC technology is gaining popularity as it is used for cashless and credit card payments via mobile devices. Businesses are also increasing their sales by allowing them to pay with a tap on their phone.

Companies that use NFC technology can differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer their customers a unique payment experience.

You can exchange phone numbers.

If you want to get a friend’s phone number, touch your phone with the friend whose phone number you wish to have.

You can see the photo gallery.

NFC tags are not only used for file sharing and payment systems. You can also share your photo gallery. Generally, this is the system preferred by companies. This way, you don’t have to send the photos to your potential customers individually.

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