CouchDB is something of a singular breed when it comes to databases. So if you’re on to making a real real-time software (game, market, analytics, and so on.), Rethink DB is worth a look. As its name goes, RethinkDB “rethinks” the thought and capabilities of a database in terms of real-time apps. One of the most vital developments within the latest decade is connected knowledge.


The relationships enable data within the retailer to be linked collectively instantly and, in lots of instances, retrieved with one operation. Graph databases hold the relationships between data as a priority. Querying relationships is quick as a end result of they’re perpetually stored within the database.

What Is A Graph Database?

With JSON databases like Couchbase, you get flexibility and high efficiency out of the field. Now, developers can add new attributes to a document, essentially extending the schema of that doc. With the facility of JSON databases, builders control the schema, not the DBA.

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