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SQLite is an extremely specialized database that focuses on a no-nonsense, get-shit-done approach. If your app is comparatively easy and also you don’t need the effort of a full-blown database, SQLite is a critical candidate. It makes explicit sense for small- to mid-sized CMSs and demo purposes. It is optimized for very fast writes, making it highly suitable for analytics information as a caching system. It uses every hardware to its maximum potential to strategy each question quicker.

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NoSQL databases may be scaled throughout hundreds of servers, though sometimes with loss of data consistency. OrientDB is an open-source NoSQL database that helps varied models such as the graph, document, object key/value model, and so on. And the relationships between all the information data are managed using direct connections between then such as the case with graph databases.

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Oracle expanded MySQL-related offerings lately with the launch of the Oracle MySQL HeatWave cloud service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle just lately enhanced the offering with the addition of in-database machine learning capabilities together with automated model training, mannequin and inference explanations and hyper-parameter tuning. MySQL is an open-source Relational Database Management System that operates mainly on the relational database mannequin.

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