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Does “stem-ness” have frequent parts in several systems? This course will give attention to the establishment of the plantation throughout U.S. and Caribbean contexts and trace the circulation of its seductive imageries and imaginaries in the perpetuation of historic erasure and racial inequality. Reading plantations as websites of each unspeakable violence and vital storytelling, we may even discover those various imaginaries or recuperations of plantation landscapes via varied aesthetic, material, and political interventions. Supported by close evaluation of picture and textual content, college students will interact within the interdisciplinary research of the plantation as a powerful structural engine of visual tradition, design, narrative, and fashionable life. Possible matters include the works of Kara Walker, Jean Rhys, Harriet Jacobs, Simone Schwarz-Bart, Marlon James, and Gone with the Wind . Having a adequate background in algorithms, linear algebra, calculus, chance, and statistics, is very recommended.

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A detailed course about chemical transformation in Earth’s ambiance. Kinetics, spectroscopy, and thermodynamics of gas-phase chemistry of the stratosphere and troposphere; sources, sinks, and lifetimes of trace atmospheric species; stratospheric ozone chemistry; oxidation mechanisms within the troposphere. Introduction to current analysis subjects in Caltech bioengineering labs.

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Introduction to strategies of micro-and nanofabrication, together with solid-state, optical, and microfluidic gadgets. Students will be skilled to use fabrication and characterization equipment obtainable within the utilized physics micro- and nanofabrication lab. Topics include Schottky diodes, MOS capacitors, light-emitting diodes, microlenses, microfluidic valves and pumps, atomic drive microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and electron-beam writing. Continued instruction and practice in conversation, building up vocabulary, and understanding complicated sentence patterns. The emphasis, however, will be on creating studying expertise. Degree in electrical engineering are required to attend any graduate seminar in any division each week of every term.

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