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Play Games You Own Find Video Games You Want

I am fairly certain that you’re familiar to PUBG or just heard of it a while, whereas, I will introduce this anyway. At the start of the game PUBG, every participant are ship to a jet, which has a linear path above the map. The player has to choose the right time to go away the airplane and the best spot to land (Only a few spots within the map has guns and other equipments.) Also, the flying radius of the participant is limited. So, we design an algorithm that can automatically produce all the spots with weapons the player can get to based on the linear function of the flight path and the number of individuals that is in the group.

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This course will introduce you to some better-known and lesser-known works in the Chaucerian corpus, while additionally exploring questions central to the manufacturing and circulation of literature within the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. What did it mean to “invent” a literary work in late medieval England? How did Chaucer think about himself as a writer and reader?

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