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This course explores the shifting boundary between discourses of crime and disobedience during the last millennium or so of Chinese historical past. Kinetic grasp equation, uncorrelated and correlated random stroll, diffusion. Mechanisms of diffusion and atom transport in solids, liquids, and gases. Plane curves, rational capabilities, affine and projective varieties, products, native properties, birational maps, divisors, differentials, intersection numbers, schemes, sheaves, general varieties, vector bundles, coherent sheaves, curves and surfaces. This course introduces standard concepts and methods in homological algebra. Topics will include Abelian and additive categories; Chain complexes, homotopies and the homotopy category; Derived functors; Yoneda extension and its ring construction; Homological dimension and Koszul complexe; Spectral sequences; Triangulated categories, and the derived category.

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