The best printing plotters on the market in 2022

The plotter is a device that receives commands from the computer and then draws the image on the page. A printer is a device that prints text and images on a page after receiving commands from a network. While plotters create vector graphics, format printers generate raster images, called bitmaps or pixels.

The plotters are used for all types of MCAD and construction applications, including technical drawings, maps, orthophotos and renderings. Any application that benefits from crisp text and precise lines on larger single-sheet output can see the value in an HP large-format plotter printer.

3 kinds of plotters

There are 3 fundamental types of plotters:

The drum plotter, the flatbed plotter and the inkjet plotter.

drum plotter

The drum plotter is a specialized output device whose name indicates its function. This device works by moving a pen on a single-axis track while paper moves on a cylindrical drum. Typically, the drum moves the paper left and right, while the pen or pens draw up and down. If you use more than one pen, it may have different colors.

Flatbed (or bed) plotter

Flatbed plotters are output devices whose name also suggests their function. They work by pinning the paper to a flat surface while the pens move to draw the image. The pen itself can be attached to an arm, allowing it to be easily moved across the paper.

ink jet plotter

The third most popular type of plotter is an inkjet plotter. This device pushes beads of ink directly onto the surface of whatever you’re printing on.

These inkjet plotters typically print in three or four color palettes. Tri-color inkjet printers focus on cyan, magenta, and yellow and mix colors to create darker shades, such as black.

The best plotters of 2022

We have analyzed the best plotters on the market in 2022, for sale on Amazon

We find the following:
Brother printing plotter

It stands out for a high-quality integrated scanner, the integrated 300 dpi scanner, with a single digitization to scan a drawing, an image, a photograph.

Its wide and bright color LCD touch screen is 100% independent

This plotter has 600 cutting designs and 5 built-in character fonts.

Its description is completed by a cutting sheet up to a thickness of 200 g/m2 and a cutting area of ​​297 mm wide.

Hp Designjet Printing Plotter

This model of the well-known HP does not disappoint. It is a product that can be complicated at first, but deep down it is very intuitive. In fact, it consists of instructions that explain step by step what we have to do.

It has high printing speed and low noise level. It also has a special function and it is its cutting of leaves, with an operating temperature range of 5 to 40 degrees.

Canon printing plotter

These are its main characteristics:

Weight: 69.0 kilograms
Dimensions: 88.7 L x 106.0 H x 98.2 W (centimeters)
Quality product
durable material

We hope that this simple orientation will help you when choosing the best plotter on the market in 2022.

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