The Fundamentals Of Nosql Databases

The Fundamentals Of Nosql Databases

ATL offers each declarative (rule-based) and crucial constructs for transforming and manipulating fashions. As an example, Listing 2 reveals the ATL transformation rule that maps a UML Class to a VertexDefinition. It is applied for every non-abstract Class component, excepted AssociationClasses, which have a specific mapping, as explained in Section 3.

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Apache CouchDB, an open source, JSON document-based database that uses JavaScript as its question language. NoSQL can be type of distributed database, which means that information is copied and saved on numerous servers, which could be distant or local. If a few of the data goes offline, the the rest of the database can continue to run.


This MongoDB various software provides support for replicating across multiple datacenters. PostgreSQL is a widely well-liked open source database administration system. It is doubtless certainly one of the finest MongoDB rivals that provides help for both SQL for relational and JSON for non-relational queries. Here is an instance of a customer report with the shopper id, “10001,” stored in a relational database versus a NoSQL database as a JSON doc. Customer data varieties the foundation entity for the JSON and Customer address, and email addresses are sub-entities which are near the root entity.

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I suppose your method could be tailored to optimize the generated graph schema. As you stated code can also be a mannequin, nevertheless we differenciate it from our PSM within the paper to make it clear that we’re working on three different ranges of abstraction . I am a postdoctoral fellow in the SOM analysis group at IN3, UOC . My research interests are mainly targeted on Model-Driven Engineering , Scalable Model Persistence, and Efficient Model Query Techniques. I am an lively committer to NeoEMF and Mogwaï initiatives, and I am currently engaged on making use of modeling techniques to NoSQL engineering. Transforming UML class diagrams into HBase based on meta-model.

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