The importance of a good data recovery strategy

In all companies, there is the possibility of losing information due to multiple factors such as accidents, human errors, natural disasters or external attacks. It is for all this that it is very necessary to have a good data recovery strategy.

Data loss: A more recurring nightmare than it should

Data is one of the main assets of companies to improve their competitive level; without them a business cannot survive and ends up collapsing.

And the failures that lead to the loss of information are more common than is thought, without, in some cases, preventing the risk of this happening.

Data recovery

The situation can be caused by a simple power outage, a flood that does not have to be due to natural causes, it is enough for a pipe to break for the water to affect the equipment.

And that’s not to mention that certain employees can be somewhat careless and make mistakes that entail putting the information contained in the company’s devices at risk.

Some of the risks that companies assume without taking the appropriate measures:

  • Make backup copies on CD, external hard drive, etc. It is not the safest and even less so if, in addition, they are carried out only when they remember. The ideal is to create an automated routine that guarantees data protection.
  • SMEs are increasingly using the internet to sell their products. It is necessary that the information is always available for this to happen dynamically, therefore, it is also necessary to have a safe data recovery system that can deal with failures, without compromising the business.
  • Businesses are on all kinds of platforms, social networks and other cloud technologies. But you have to manage well when adopting new technologies or you can create an environment in which chaos prevails and this affects the data stored by the company.
  • The use of the cloud has made businesses more dynamic and better collaborations between companies, but at the same time, it can cause certain risks related to data loss, so extreme care must be observed in its storage.

Data recovery is key to protecting information

Having a proper backup strategy includes taking certain steps to manage your data. Continuing with the business is the objective and for this, encrypt the information, restore those data that are erroneous, obsolete files, etc. It is absolutely accurate.

Comply with the company’s regulations, its internal policies regarding the management and treatment of information, as well as its custody to avoid possible losses that are very harmful and endanger the future of the company.

That is why it is necessary to automate procedures, continuously monitoring so that any anomaly is immediately detected.

Integrating reliable apps that make quick copies without excessively increasing costs is another fundamental aspect for the security and success of the business.

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