The new cloud operating system: Windows 365

The new cloud operating system: Windows 365

Microsoft has launched a new operating system that has the particularity that it provides work solutions in the cloud. This is Windows 365, which will benefit companies and the telecommuting model that is here to stay.

What is Windows 365

The new Windows 365 operating system runs in the cloud. This allows you to connect from anywhere and through practically all types of devices (Mac, iPad, Linux and Android) to enjoy applications, data and configurations virtually as if you were working on the company’s PC.

Windows 365

This is a significant step for those companies that, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, have opted for teleworking.

Accessing office equipment from wherever the worker is has been very common for many businesses, and the physical headquarters is no longer where work takes place.

In this way, you can continue with this model, and for this, it is very convenient to have an operating system called Windows 365.

It is based on Azure Virtual Desktops, a service through which the desktop of a computer located in the workplace can be accessed from any location.

How the cloud operating system works

To connect to the team in the cloud, you need a device that has an internet connection and access to Windows 365 through a browser.

You’re then logged in, and your computer‘s content appears the same way it was the last time you used it, from your wallpaper to any apps you’ve installed.

The session is closed when the job is finished, and no further action is required. The files are stored in the cloud and available when the employee returns online, regardless of the device they use.

One of the essential features of Windows 365 is its security based on the Zero Trust system, considering that data will not be physically stored on the computer.

Another of its advantages is that it incorporates network connection analysis and the service. With this, continuous diagnoses are made that will try to avoid the operation that is not the most precise.

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