Video surveillance: Security for companies and individuals

Video surveillance systems are gaining ground because they provide much-needed security plus prevent intrusion and attacks on property and even help in the case of dependent people.

What is video surveillance?

Video surveillance allows live viewing of any property (house, warehouse, industry…) from wherever we are, just by having an internet connection, through a mobile device or a computer.

This means that access to everything in those places can occur 24 hours a day, thanks to its enormous versatility.

In shops, warehouses, etc. With video surveillance systems, it is possible to control if everything is going correctly at the level of workers, possible incursions by third parties into the property and any incident (robbery, fights, theft…).
In homes: Leaving the house alone for a long time supposes a vulnerability in the face of possible assaults with the consequent damage to the home. Using this system, it is always verified how you are and what the children do if they are alone or any other person who remains in the house.
Older people: Through video surveillance, they manage to maintain their independence, and at the same time, it is protected by having control over who can enter the home.

Video surveillance

How video surveillance works

CCTV video surveillance systems are made up of a set of cameras and a digital recorder. The former captures images in video format, and the writer saves these images for a certain period.

Cameras can be:

Bullet cameras: Equipped with infrared that can be adapted to many installations.
Minidome cameras: With infrared, too, they can adapt to all types of installations. It has the shape of half an orange which makes them very discreet. They are preferably used indoors and outdoors for areas not exceeding 25 m.
Dome cameras cover an image in all directions due to their motorized varifocal optics. They are mounted on a structure that allows them to turn on themselves. It is a complement that will enable you to obtain images with great detail.

The digital recorder must be the same, the one that best suits the needs:

  • Multichannel: Record and view multiple channels at the same time.
    Advanced coding system: They maintain a high video quality despite its compression, providing more recording hours with the same hard drive capacity.
  • Multitasking operation: If the recorder allows several functions to be carried out simultaneously. For example, continue recording through the cameras and view previously collected images.
  • Network connection: This is an ethernet connection and software that allows it to control the recording from a local computer.
  • Spot monitor output:

It has an exit for the public where the owner wants images to be seen.
The other work is for a private monitor that displays information for control and hidden cameras.

In this way, there are two monitors with which you have total control over the recordings.

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