What Is a Parked Domain Name and Its Importance?

If you are looking to build a website, a few things are essential to consider like affordable or cheap domain hosting, choosing the right domain names for your website, etc.

When you find the right domain name, domain name parking can be used to avoid the risk of losing that domain name.

In this article, we will delve into various aspects of the parked domain name and its importance.

What is a Parked Domain Name?

Parked domain names are registered domain names that are not connected to any online web hosting plan.

Your domain name is considered park if you have purchased it but not using it. Messages like “under construction” can be displayed on the parked domain’s address. It is also referred to as the “alias domain” for your primary domain.

Importance of Parked Domain Name

Below are mentioned some important reasons to have a parked domain name-

● Reserves the Domain Name

In the case that you are still working to build your website but you have landed on the best and perfect domain name for your website, to avoid the risk of losing that domain name to a different user you can park that domain name. This way, even if currently you do not have a website plan, you can book a domain name for the future.

● To Redirect Visitors to the same Website as the Primary Domain

A parked domain name redirects users to the same address as the primary domain. It also serves as a secondary domain for your primary domain website. Many companies purchase multiple yet similar parked domain names to ensure that if a user makes a typing mistake or forgets the exact primary domain name, they can be redirected to the correct website.

● Earn Money By Selling Domain Name

Many individuals and companies sell or buy domain names. This can generate some income. You can purchase and park your domain name at a low price and then sell it at a higher price in the future. Another way to earn money is to post ads on these parked domain names which are non-functional.

● Earn Money if Your Website is Shutting Down

If you are planning to shut down your website but the domain name has not expired, you can park it and earn some money.

Steps to Host your Parked Domain Name

  • Choose a domain name according to your preference or a new domain name
  • Confirm the ownership of the domain name. This can be done in three ways: EPP Code, HTML Page, Name servers
  • Select a parked domain (Addon Domain, Parked Domain)
  • Click on the addon domain to allocate a domain.
  • When you are done with all these steps, your domain will be listed.

To Wrap it Up

We all know that domain names are quite important for building websites. However, some beginners might be confused by the concept of parked domain names.

Parked domain names are nothing but domain names that are not functional. However, as mentioned above, you can make several uses out of these parked domain names.

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