What’s Nosql? Nosql Databases Explained

Is a light-weight object-oriented DBMS for .NET with help for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. It options in-memory keys and indexes, triggers, and assist for compressing and encrypting the underlying data. Note that some NoSQL databases like MongoDB even have support for schema validation, so developers can lock down their schemas as much or as little as they’d like when they are prepared.

Working With Arrays In Json Utilizing The Sql Api

The database needs to handle huge quantities of information as new data keeps flowing in, and eradicating data or changing schema, afterward is not an possibility. Logging and analytics are two of one of the best use instances for Cassandra. Cassandra is arguably the quickest database out there in terms of dealing with heavy write loads.


This open source database written in C++ comes with a storage that’s doc oriented. Neo4j is a fast and scalable native graph database, and one of the most well-liked. It is absolutely ACID, comes with a strong query language, helps scorching backups , ETL capabilities, and clustering.

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