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In Niccolò Machiavelli’s journal, Machiavelli referred to Lo Sparviero’s capability as his “particular power”. The Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad possessed Eagle Vision from an early age. His fellow Assassins in the Levantine Brotherhood knew of his special ability as properly, and were the ones to dub it as “Eagle Vision”. With it, Altaïr discovered himself able to learn the feelings and intentions of all these around him, driving him to excellent the power in secret.

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In this course, we’ll work to uncover the role that the occult sciences, together with alchemy, astrology, and magic, played within the formation of modern science. Our studies of the occult sciences will force us to suppose extra deeply about what distinguishes fashionable science from the occult sciences, and to question why their position within the growth of recent science has also been obscured. This course examines the frequent and important encounters between what chemist/novelist C.P. Snow famously dubbed the “two cultures”-the sciences and the humanities-with an emphasis on forms and practices of visible tradition that blur the boundaries between science, expertise, and art. What function, we’ll ask, have visual culture and visuality performed within the development of scientific knowledge?

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Introduction to chose topics in mixed-signal circuits and systems in extremely scaled CMOS applied sciences. This course will examine the historical origins of several regulatory businesses and trace their improvement over the previous century or so. Short-term, open-ended initiatives that require college students to design and build a chemical course of or manufacture a chemical product.

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