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Contemporary research in plenty of areas of physics requires some data of how momentum transport in fluids couples to diffusive phenomena pushed by thermal or focus gradients. This course will first examine processes driven purely by diffusion and progress toward description of methods ruled by steady and unsteady convection-diffusion and reaction-diffusion. Topics will include Fickian dynamics, thermal switch in Peltier gadgets, Lifshitz-Slyozov progress during section separation, thermocouple measurements of oscillatory fields, reaction-diffusion phenomena in biophysical systems, buoyancy driven flows, and boundary layer formation. Advanced resolution methods similar to singular perturbation, Sturm-Liouville and Green’s perform analysis will be taught in school as wanted.

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We will examine evidence of those departures, fashions which were designed to capture these preferences, and applications of those models to necessary financial questions. Topics will embrace biases and heuristics, danger preferences, self-control, strategic uncertainty, and social preferences, amongst others. The course will be based mostly in readings from each basic and fashionable analysis.

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May be repeated for credit with instructor’s permission. This course covers classical and trendy approaches to issues in sign processing. Problems might include denoising, deconvolution, spectral estimation, direction-of-arrival estimation, array processing, unbiased element evaluation, system identification, filter design, and transform coding. Methods rely closely on linear algebra, convex optimization, and stochastic modeling. In explicit, the class will cowl techniques primarily based on least-squares and on sparse modeling.

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